Lankan Trades


Ceylon Mace


  • Bulk packing in corrugated cartons up to 10kg
  • Retail consumer packing options are available in Stand up Pouches or Paper Canisters
  • Products will be cleaned and sterilized to meet market requirements

Mace is the dried red/orange/yellow aril covering on the surface of the nutmeg seed, and is used in many food preparations as a spice. It has a more delicate flavor than the sweeter nutmeg, and is preferred in lighter colored dishes for the saffron-like hue it imparts.

A flavorfully pungent false fruit, the blade of mace spice is commonly found in ground form. To obtain whole mace, the lacy aril is removed from the outer seed of nutmeg by hand and slowly dried at controlled temperatures naturally by the sun. Each dried aril is referred to as a blade.

Available in whole and ground forms as per requirement


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